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…where we have developed technology to revolutionise the way consumers interact with their mobile devices. Our technology provides highly-effective ambient noise-cancelling (ANC) earphones and headphones which can be mass-produced at very low cost, and consequently they can be supplied “bundled” with smartphones and tablets.

When the levels of ambient noise are very high, during air travel or in subway trains for example, the poor-quality earphones that are supplied as “bundled” with most mobile devices do not work well; they allow noise from the outside world to leak in to the ear-canal, and they also allow audio from the earphones to leak outwards, which disturbs nearby passengers.

In order to hear music and calls above background noise, most users simply turn up the volume. However, over time, this can cause noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Increasing health concern over NIHL has led to the creation of new European Union safety standards for mobile devices.

Incus ANC earphones resolve these problems safely and effectively for all mobile device users, creating a comfortable, peaceful and natural listening environment for music and communications.

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