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Incus Engineering

Incus technology is underpinned by the extensive use of electroacoustic mathematical modelling to ensure that the entire signal-processing chain is optimized. Everything from the internal JFET buffer transistor in the electret microphone to the acoustic structure of the earphone has been characterized and designed to work together in harmony.

  • Device Modelling - we have developed our own, custom SPICE models for various electronic devices, including the internal JFET transistor used in our electret microphones, and these are used to design our electronic circuits for maximum linearity and SPL range.
  • Electronic Circuit Modelling - our electronic circuits and filters are designed and analyzed for optimal performance.
  • Acoustic Devices - the microspeakers and speakers used in our earphones and headphones are characterized using Thiele-Small analysis, and their primary acoustic parameters are used in acoustic circuit development and optimization.
  • Acoustic Circuits - we model the acoustic circuits of our earphones and headphones carefully, enabling very precise tuning and control of their frequency responses and passive attenuation characteristics.

Incus Software

Incus' engineers can design new software and write code for our licensees’ own preferred formats. Our software capabilities encompass a wide range of languages and applications, ranging from the microcontroller code that is used in our Digital3.5 headset accessory, to the high-level code running our calibration and QA hardware systems. We have implemented our ANC signal-processing on several different DSPs, from various manufacturers, and we have written smartphone “apps” to control ANC functions.

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