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Audio Waveform

Digital3.5 Interface

The Incus Digital3.5 technology uses a standard 3.5 mm TRRS jack and socket to transmit analogue audio, bi-directional digital data and power between a host smartphone or tablet and an Incus ANC headphone or earphone.

The Digital3.5 format is backward-compatible with all conventional analogue headphones that use standard TRS and TRRS 3.5 mm jack connectors.

This new interface technology, combined with the unique micro-acoustic technologies of Incus ANC headphone and earphone designs, means that these can all be powered, interchangeably, from a host device, and they can also use the host device to carry out the ANC signal-processing.

The Incus Digital3.5 interface is a revolutionary step forward for mobile electronic devices, providing a capability for linking smartphones and tablets to “smart”, active accessories; it enables the production of sufficiently low-cost noise-reduction earphones and headphones that they can be “bundled” with smartphones and tablets.

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