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Incus ANC earphones incorporate our unique micro-acoustic technologies and deliver class-leading noise-reduction performance. These new micro-acoustic technologies are built into our Type 812, 12 mm earphone design.

The Incus earphone design uses feedforward ANC technology, and features hi-fi music performance, even when the batteries fail and the earphones have no power.

Our acoustic chassis designs are very compact, creating the opportunity for our customers to design the external look and feel of the earphones to meet their own requirements.

A key feature of Incus’ earphone micro-acoustic technology is that it delivers class-leading noise-reduction performance without the critical need for ultra low-latency ANC signal-processing. This means that Incus ANC earphones do not need expensive, custom, digital signal-processing ICs; they can operate with many standard DSPs of the types found in smartphones and tablets, and also with low-cost analogue components.

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