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The Incus automated QA system ensures that every Incus ANC headphone and earphone is calibrated very precisely in order to accommodate the small manufacturing variations in the sensitivities of their speakers and microphones.

Our automated calibration and QA system minimizes this calibration time - it only takes a few seconds - and it has been designed to operate in a noisy production-line environment.

Poor calibration of ANC headphones frequently causes end-customers to return products. The Incus automated QA system eliminates this problem.

The Incus QA system records the calibration data for every unit, and it is also stored in the electronic memory of each headphone and earphone. The headphone’s calibration data is automatically read by the Incus ANC signal-processing engine prior to use, and this means that headphone units are interchangeable - they are not restricted to operate only with one pre-calibrated ANC signal-processing engine. Consequently, broken or damaged headphones can be easily replaced, and this reduces significantly the costs from product returns.

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